Gay uncle forbidden from attending his niece’s wedding because the groom’s family is extremely homophobic

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A man is being slammed on Reddit after he decided not to invite his gay brother to his daughter’s wedding because the groom’s family is homophobic.

Posting in the “Am I The A*****e” sub-Reddit, the man explained that his daughter’s wedding is approaching, but her in-laws are “very religious”.

“After meeting with them before, it’s become pretty clear they’re extreme homophobes,” the man wrote.

He said that his daughter’s fiancé, who he has referred to as “James”, has “no problem with gay people” himself, but his parents do, which has put him in an awkward position with his brother.

“My brother is gay and he has a partner he’s been with for a few years now,” the man wrote. “James’ family knows about this, and it’s something they are really bothered by. They don’t directly tell us, but they’ve mentioned it to James who has told my daughter who told me.”

The fiancé’s homophobic family do not want the gay man and his husband at the wedding.

But tensions finally bubbled over last week when James told his soon-to-be father-in-law that his parents did not want the gay brother at the wedding. The man said he was conflicted because his daughter “always loved” her uncle growing up.

“I told James I was going to invite my brother anyways because he was very close and my daughter would’ve wanted him there,” the man wrote.

They told me that if he were to come, he would have to not bring his partner.

He continued: “Then what happened was James’ parents came over and spoke to us about how they were not going to tolerate a gay person at the wedding, and how it was ’embarrassing’ [to] accept someone like that. They told me that if he were to come, he would have to not bring his partner.”
For some reason, the man decided the best course of action was to accept this horrific ultimatum from his daughter’s in-laws. He went to his brother and told him that his husband was not welcome at the wedding. Needless to say, he didn’t take the news well.

“My brother said that if he was coming, so would his partner. I then told him he couldn’t come because James’ parents would make a scene. He then called me a d**k and said that I don’t have to listen to them and if I truly wanted them to come I would invite them anyway.”

Reddit users overwhelmingly criticised the man for siding with the fiancé’s homophobic family.

The man was declared an a*****e by Reddit users. One person accused him of making a “homophobic choice”. The same user also slammed him for making the decision without his daughter’s input.

Another said: “Every time someone says ‘don’t invite X because I’m bigoted towards them’, the correct answer is to not invite the bigot.”

Somebody else said: “The fact that the [original poster] even considered it a possibility to not invite their brother because the in-laws are homophobic shows that the [they] see at least some legitimacy in their point of view and means that the [original poster] is homophobic.”

The man later posted an update and said that he had decided to broach the situation with his daughter. She immediately decided she wanted her uncle and his husband at the wedding.

“Judging by the comments most of you hate me but I’m going to try and right this wrong and will stand up for my brother and his partner at the wedding. And please I’m not homophobic,” he added.