Anti-gay, anti-trans activist Caroline Farrow thinks NHS rainbow lanyards are a ‘hostile political symbol’

Caroline Farrow

Anti-trans, anti-gay and anti-abortion activist Caroline Farrow has called rainbow lanyards a “hostile political symbol” with “connotations of deep misogyny”.

Farrow, who last year blamed LGBT+ people when she was barred from travelling to the US and was hit with an injunction over “abusive tweets” she sent to a trans woman, made the comments against the rainbow lanyard on Twitter.

The former Catholic Voice columnist, who frequently appears in the media as an anti-LGBT+ pundit – she’s spoken against same-sex marriagegay parentingLGBT+ inclusive education, and transgender inclusivity – said the rainbow lanyard worn by her doctor made her feel “nervous and wary”.

“Had to pop in to see my GP for a quick appointment earlier. She was wearing a cheerful rainbow lanyard. Rather than feeling included I felt nervous and wary,” Farrow tweeted on March 4.

Farrow later explained why the NHS rainbow lanyard had made her feel nervous: “I associate rainbow lanyards with the behaviour of [GP and LGBT+ campaigner] Adrian Harrop and aggressive TRAs [trans-rights activists].

“I no longer feel safe at the GP. The rainbow is a hostile political symbol with connotations of deep misogyny.”

Rainbow lanyards, and badges, were introduced by the NHS in March 2019. They aim to address the challenges that LGBT+ people often face in accessing healthcare by indicating that staff are supportive and happy to discuss their needs.

Farrow’s opposition to the rainbow symbol of LGBT+ pride and inclusivity puts her in the company of users of parenting website Mumsnet, who also oppose the rainbow on the grounds it is a “divisive political symbol”.

In February 2020, a Mumsnet thread called “What do you think about the rainbow?” saw a poster ask for opinions because they “shudder” seeing a rainbow Pride flag outside a venue, and were “inclined to agree” with another user who had compared the rainbow to a Nazi flag.

Farrow added that another reason the rainbow makes her “anxious” is “thanks to the fact I have a bunch of activists watching me on every forum 24/7, instigating frequent pile-ons and interfering with my travel plans and my ability to live my life, meant I was worried in case info about my visit was passed on”.

She then informed her 16,700 followers that she’d been prescribed Nitrofurantoin – a medication used to treat cystitis – and added the transphobic dog whistle “adult human female” as a hashtag.

Caroline Farrow was previously very upset about ‘deviant’ gay penguins.

Last summer, Farrow caused a Twitter storm over her opposition to the stars of London Zoo’s Pride celebrations, specifically its “deviant” gay penguins.

For Pride month, London Zoo put up a mini banner which says “Some penguins are gay, get over it” in the penguin enclosure to celebrate the three same-sex penguin couples that live there.

Farrow wrote: “This sign forces families to discuss a topic with their children that they feel their kids may not be emotionally ready for. It’s politicisation and an intrusion into family life.”

She added: “People are just sick to the back teeth of being forced to celebrate the decadence of the rainbow and applaud others’ private lives.”