JK Rowling sends ‘big love’ to anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-abortion activist Caroline Farrow

JK Rowling and Caroline Farrow

JK Rowling took to Twitter on Saturday (12 March) to send “big love” to anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-abortion Catholic activist Caroline Farrow.

Farrow had tweeted that she was feeling emotional, both because her daughter was turning 18 and because her life had been “invaded and dominated by insane trans rights activists”. She said that she was moved to tears by Rowling’s continued opposition to trans rights activists.

JK Rowling, a self-described feminist, sent some “big love” to the activist and journalist, who once said she “rejects the idea of feminism outright”.

Farrow is the UK and Ireland director of CitizenGo, a far-right, Catholic activist site which has platformed and run petitions against abortion rights, trans rights, surrogacy, same-sex marriage and even LGBT+ lego sets. It has openly supported Russia’s “gay propaganda” law and CitizenGo Africa has campaigned against decriminalising homosexuality in Kenya.

Farrow herself is vehemently anti-abortion. In one article criticising the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) for The Conservative Woman, she wrote: “BPAS describes itself as the ‘leading charitable provider of abortion services’. Forgive me for pointing out the blinking obvious, but there’s absolutely nothing charitable about terminating the lives of unborn children.”

In another article, she added: “Is it really for the best that a child has had their life ended in what should have been a place of comfort, nurture and safety? Is it really a compassionate, loving and responsible choice to end your baby’s life because of a disability?

“What message does that send to the baby’s siblings, who were lucky enough to arrive at the right time, or without any obvious health problems. That killing vulnerable people can sometimes be a loving, responsible option?”

She has openly argued for it to remain legal for parents to slap their children, was hit with an injunction over “abusive tweets” she sent to a trans woman, believes gay sex is “sinful”, has described inclusive sex education as “explicit material… in the name of LGBT”, has spoken out against gay penguins and NHS rainbow lanyards, and this week said she would change phone providers because the EE-sponsored BAFTAs had Drag Race UK star Bimini Bon Boulash cover the event via Twitter.

Farrow even travelled all the way to North Carolina in 2020 to demand that Disney CEO Bob Chapek block Pride parades, which she said would “indoctrinate children”, from being held in Disney theme parks.

JK Rowling has been contacted for comment.