Democrat Ameshia Cross chose a global health crisis to bizarrely reveal she refuses to date men who also date trans women

Ameshia Cross announces she won't date men who date trans women

Ameshia Cross, a Democrat strategist, has chosen the coronavirus pandemic as the moment to bizarrely reveal she doesn’t date men who have previously dated trans women.

Cross, a liberal political commentator who describes herself as a “civil rights advocate”, said it was “a choice not a phobia” to refuse to date men who also date trans women.

Sure, Jan.

She was replying to The Root journalist Terrell Starr when she made the bizarre and uncalled for statement.

Starr, a cis man, is open about the fact he dates trans women – which is not often the case, because stigma exists and means men are trained to feel ashamed of their attraction towards women who aren’t cis.

In a moving Twitter thread, Starr said: “As someone who dates trans women, I *always* tell cis women I date that trans women are in my dating pool. If it’s an issue, I move on. We need to vigilant in this regard, too. You’d be surprised how some women deem you sexually unavailable if you date trans women.

“I curate my friendships so that I don’t run into cis women who have issues with me dating trans women, but because so many men are ‘DL’, you’d assume it’s not an issue with us. It is. Part of breaking the stigma is being open about it and not giving a s**t about folks’ opinions.

“This is a bit of a tangent, but simply saying that cis het Black men can also support our LGBT+ people by not dating someone who hates the community. Just added my own particular experience with trans Black women and how Black men can be vigilant too.”

So far, so good.

But then Ameshia Cross, who is the former Miss Black Chicago, decided this was the right time for her to jump in and defend her decision not to want to date men like Starr.

“Many of us won’t date a man who dates trans women. It’s a choice not a phobia,” Cross said.

“People date based on preferences all the time. No shame in that.”

Except that refusing to date men who date trans women isn’t a preference, as people were, obviously, quick to point out.

“You won’t even date someone who has dated a trans woman? Wtf is wrong with people. Of course this is f**king transphobia. What possible rational reason could you have for this. Absolutely insane,” said one Twitter user.

Another added: “It’s like all the white women’s dating profiles I see that say, ‘I don’t date outside my race; it’s not racism it’s a preference.’ As if asserting bigotry as ‘preference’ makes it so…”

Points were made.