Beloved gay weatherman unceremoniously fired after standing up to Trump-supporting, far-right, anti-lockdown protesters

gay weatherman

A beloved and super-hot gay weatherman has been unceremoniously fired after calling out Trump-supporting, far-right, anti-lockdown protesters.

Sven Sundgaard, 39, is a gay vlogger and until last week was a weatherman for TV station KARE 11, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. According to Queerty, he is one of the most high profile LGBT+ people in the Twin Cities.

Sundgaard had worked for KARE 11 for 14 years, but was let go last week after he shared a Facebook post that referred to anti-lockdown protestors in Minnesota as “white nationalist Nazi sympathizer gun fetishist miscreants”.

The protestors gathered outside the home of Minnesota governor Tim Walz on April 17, with many carrying rifles and Trump memorabilia, after the president tweeted that day: “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!”

Sundgaard later deleted the post, but a far-right group was quick to call for his resignation. The TV station announced on May 1 that the weatherman had been fired.

KARE 11 wrote on Facebook: “Due to continued violations of KARE 11’s news ethics and other policies, we have made the decision to part ways with Sven Sundgaard.

“We hope you continue to turn to KARE 11 for your news, traffic, weather and more.”

However, his fans were less than pleased about his unceremonious firing.

One wrote: “I am on the side of science and Sven. Due to the poor ethics of KARE 11, I have decided to part ways with KARE 11.”

“Disappointing that voicing the truth can cost someone their job,” said another. “No more KARE 11 in our house.”

Sundgaard finally addressed the situation on Tuesday, May 5, in a Facebook post.

He wrote: “I first want to thank those who have supported and followed me throughout my time at KARE 11. And, I am especially grateful to those who have sent supportive and kind messages over the last several days since the station so publicly announced that it had parted ways with me – and then published its alleged reasons for doing so.

“Your overwhelming support has been incredible. Thanks to those that have been sharing advice and information with me. Please keep all of this coming – it really does help me get through the days in this strange and difficult time.

“Many have asked me about KARE 11’s post regarding my employment and separation from employment.

“Here’s what I have to say about that for now: I disagree with and dispute my former employers claims and I am considering my options at this time. Thank you again.”