Correction – the DC Comics superhero who bottomed for a mutant shark isn’t just bisexual, he’s ‘bispecieal’

DC Comics character King Shark (L, by the way) used to top John Constantine. Yes, really. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War anti-hero John Constantine isn’t just bisexual — he’s actually ‘bi-specieal’, according to the voice actor who plays him.

The internet was set ablaze this week when it was revealed that DC Comics’ John Constantine had bottomed for a mutant shark in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

Fans quickly seized on his bisexuality — which was already canon — but voice actor Matt Ryan has made an important clarification: the character is actually bi-specieal.

In an interview with, Ryan spoke about his character’s tryst with King Shark.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips Waro  star addresses John Constantine’s orientation.

“What’s funny is we all love John Constantine and we love him for being who he is: a working-class, blue-collar street magician with a crass tongue and a sharp wit… and he just might leave you dead,” Ryan said.

“But on the original TV show, we caught a stink from some people about him not being bisexual. But what was interesting was we hadn’t gotten that far in the time frame we were given. So who’s to say we wouldn’t have?”

He continued: “In Legends, then, he’s obviously bisexual and, with King Shark, he’s obviously ‘bi-specieal.’

“So, Constantine is the most open, liberated person on the planet. I don’t know the logistics of how that works but I just guffawed when I was reading it. I was like, ‘Oh, that’s brilliant!'”

So, there you have it: John Constantine is bi-specieal, which surely can only mean there are plenty more incredible moments to come for the character.

Ryan’s clarification comes after a writer confirmed that Constantine did in fact once date King Shark and yes, he did indeed bottom for him.

The showrunner was shocked she was allowed to write the scene.

In Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, which aired on Tuesday (May 5), Constantine and Raven are seen in an underground fight club where Constantine notes that his ex is just facing them.

Raven sees Harley Quinn staring at them both, before snidely asking: “You and Harley? Gross.”

Constantine replies: “Do I look mad?” and the cartoon cuts to King Shark, who offers a smirk and a suggestive wink.

The snippet of the film went viral on Twitter, quickly tallying more than 1.1 million views,

Animation writer and showrunner Mairghread Scott confirmed it all, even herself admitting: “I can’t believe they let me write this.”

Scott added in a follow-up tweet that she was “very proud” of the scene, but noted that the fan reaction surprised her.

“I was expecting to hear from Twitter folks thirsty for tortured, sad, bearded Superman,” she said.

“But I truly underestimated thirsty monster-f***er Twitter.”