Far-right Christians take a break from homophobia to protest against Disney’s Hamilton for saying the ‘f-word’


Far-right Christian group One Million Moms has taken a surprise break from homophobia to instead protest against Disney for daring to stream Hamilton with the “f-word.”

We are in the midst of a global pandemic as well as a wide-scale reckoning on systemic racism, but there are more pressing concerns for the evangelical Christian group, which is actually made up of just a few moms.

Instead of focusing on coronavirus or police brutality against Black people, One Million Moms are throwing their toys out of the pram over the use of the “f-word” in Hamilton on Disney+.

The acclaimed musical is also full of other “excessive profanity”, according to the evangelical Christians, but they don’t give any examples of exactly what this “profanity” is.

Christian evangelical group One Million Moms are furious over the use of the ‘f-word’ in Hamilton.

“Disney’s decision to allow even one ‘f-word’ to be heard on its Disney+ platform – a platform that bears Walt Disney’s name and that is marketed directly and primarily to millions of families with children – is shameful,” One Million Moms said in a statement posted to their website.

The far-right Christian group lashed out at Disney for failing to protect young audiences from the dreaded f-word.

Shame on Disney+ for allowing even one f-bomb, along with multiple uses of profanity, to remain in the film Hamilton.

“Disney needs to highly reconsider the language it includes in its movies,” they continued.

“Shame on Disney+ for allowing even one f-bomb, along with multiple uses of profanity, to remain in the film Hamilton. It’s just too much and totally unnecessary on a streaming service for family and children.”

They have asked people to sign their petition and let Disney know that families will not watch Hamilton because it uses “inappropriate language” and “goes against your believes and values that you teach your children”.

The group has railed against Disney in the past for daring to feature queer characters.

So far, just 19,740 parents have signed the petition – a far cry from the supposed one million members (spoiler alert: they don’t actually have one million members).

This is not the first time One Million Moms has railed against Disney for the most mundane of reasons.

In April of this year, they accused Disney of pushing an “LGBT+ agenda” in DuckTales after an episode of the revived DisneyXD show revealed that Violet, a friend of main characters Huey, Dewey and Lewey, has two loving same-sex parents.

They also launched a petition in May when Disney+ released a short film, called Out, which follows a queer man as he tries to work up the courage to come out to his parents.

In February, the group flew into a rage when Disney released animated film Onward, which featured a gay character in a minor role.