Right-wingers are raging because this dating app advert featured one lesbian couple

Screenshot of an eHarmony advert shows queer couple sitting together on a sofa hugging

Conservatives are – predictably – apoplectic with rage over a cute dating app advert featuring a queer couple.

The 30-second advert for eHarmony features a queer couple hugging on the sofa, waiting for their laundry to finish. After getting the clothes out from the drier, one woman empties the pile of clean clothes onto her partner, who cuddles up in the fresh, cosy laundry, with the dating website claiming the “cringingly vulnerable and refreshingly goofy moments” in a relationship “can make us feel the most loved and understood”.

Despite the heartwarming and relatable premise, with one YouTube commenter claiming the ad reminded her of her own relationship, conservative Christians had a big problem with the clip.

Right-wing anti-LGBTQ+ Christian organisation One Million Moms launched a petition to remove the advert from air, which they claim has received over 12,000 signatures.

“Airing your ‘Warm Laundry’ advertisement during prime time, when children are likely to be watching television, crosses a line that eHarmony should have never crossed,” the petition reads.

“I urge eHarmony to pull your LGBTQ-inclusive ad immediately. Please stick to promoting your service without making political and social statements.”

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The organisation claimed the advert is an attempt by eHarmony to “normalize and glamorize the LGBTQ lifestyle” and “brainwash children and adults” into accepting LGBTQ+ people.

However, some viewers were quick to support the dating app site against whining right-wingers, with one commenter writing: “Don’t cave to the far-right … please. Let openness prevail and the love be never silenced.”

Seemingly undeterred, eHarmony stood by its ad in a YouTube comment, writing: “We believe that real love is for everyone, and we’re deeply committed to providing a platform that’s safe, inclusive and welcoming to all members, including the LGBTQ+ community.”

Sadly, this is not the first time an advert or campaign featuring LGBTQ+ people has received backlash from triggered right-wingers, with a chewing gum advert featuring two women kissing receiving more than 100 complaints, and the Advertising Standards Authority reviewing a razor advert featuring a trans male model after some people couldn’t cope with it.

In 2023 alone, right-wingers threatened to boycott almost 50 brands for featuring LGBTQ+ actors or influencers in their adverts, including Tesco, Tampax and Ikea.

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