Democrat makes grovelling apology after claiming Lucifer gives gay people ‘unnatural lusts’ in relentless homophobic rant

Albert Chester. (Facebook)

Democrat Albert Chester, who is seeking election in Florida, has been rumbled by controversy after anti-gay tweets were unearthed in which he said “Lucifer” causes gay people’s “unnatural lusts and desires”.

Chester is aiming to unseat incumbent congress member Al Lawson in the 18 August primary, according to Florida Politics.

After backlash bubbled against him over the homophobic tweets, he issued a lengthy apology in a Twitter statemente posted Thursday (30 July), where he stressed: “My past is not an indication of who I am today.”

Albert Chester calls LGBT+ rights a ‘proud stand for unnatural lusts and desires’.

In the string of discovered Facebook posts, Chester said in 2013 on Facebook that he was starting to “not be an Obama supporter anymore” because of the then president’s support for LGBT+ rights.

He lampooned Obama for swinging his support to the community, saying that “this country has faaaaaar more important things to worry about than people ‘coming out of the closet’.”

“Wow, Satan is busy! Christians, let’s strap up for battle.”

Chester also castigated the LGBT+ rights movement as the work of “the devil”, saying that it is a “proud stand for unnatural lusts and desires”.

In 2014, his criticism of the community only intensified when he levelled jabs against Michael Sam – the first publicly gay player to be drafted into the NFL. Chester snidely said that he was “coming out, too” and then launched his offensive.

“Bottom line what in the hell do you expect to receive for announcing that you’re a man who likes men,” Chester said.

“These parades, flags, and all this bull.”

He then said in the post that he does not care about a player’s sexual orientation “as long as you can ball”.

In a comment underneath the post, Chester mused on what he believes is the cause of attraction to the same-sex – Lucifer.

“Lucifer was once God’s right-hand man,” he said, according to screenshots, “but he flips it for his use… this confessing and proud stand or unnatural lusts and desires… this rainbow covenant…”

Incumbent Florida Congress member dubs Albert Chester’s comment ‘homophobic and bigoted’. 

The emergence of the tweets prompted his opponent, Al Lawson, leverage his own attack against Chester. In a statement, he dubbed Chester’s earlier comments “homophobic and bigoted”.

“His hateful rhetoric has no place here — not just in Florida’s Fifth District, but across our nation,” he said.

“This is about fundamental decency. LGBT+ Americans face discrimination in employment, housing and other areas of life daily.

“They need representation by a candidate who will fight to bring our nation closer to equality for all, not one who is detrimental to the progress we have made.”

Chester issued an apology for his “ignorant, insensitive, disrespectful, and hurtful” comments.

“Since that time, I have become more knowledgeable about the issues you face. I am fully committed to an inclusive platform that promotes gender equality and strengthens human rights.”