Gay couple violently attacked by homophobes in public swimming pool for wearing ‘too narrow’ trunks

Tel Aviv gay couple attacked at pool

A gay couple in Tel Aviv were spat at and attacked at a public swimming pool because of their “too narrow” swimming trunks and earrings.

According to Gay Nation, police are investigating after a homophobic attack took place at Goldstein-Goren public pool in Tel Aviv, Israel.

A gay couple were reportedly spat on and choked by pool patrons for having “too narrow swimming trunks and an earring in the ear”.

The victims told Our Cafe Newspaper: “One of the men defiantly spat at our feet, and then began to shout and insult in the presence of other vacationers.

“We were warned that we will burn in hell, and can not leave the pool alive.

“After that, one of the attackers began to choke my friend, and the other tried to hit me on the head with an empty bottle.

“The scuffle was stopped only after the intervention of the guards.”

Earlier this month, another homophobic attack on a gay couple took place at Tel Aviv’s Jaffa port.

A teenager from Israeli city of Lod was filmed harassing, beating and spitting on a young Arab gay couple while hundreds of people stood by and watched.

According to Haaretz, police obtained “grim video evidence of the brawl, which was even disseminated on the internet”.

The gay couple, believed to be Arab Israelis, were reportedly attacked after they were spotted kissing by a boat in the harbour. The teenager was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and committing a hate crime.

IGY, an NGO for queer youth in Israel, said in a statement at the time: “The severe beatings seen in the video are the nightmare of every LGBT+ child in Israel… It should be clear – violence against LGBT+ people continues to rage, and we must fight it with all our might, and in all parts of Israeli society.”