Nigella Lawson comes out swinging for trans rights and shows how a simple act of kindness can go a long, long way

Nigella Lawson. (Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Nigella Lawson has won praise from LGBT+ organisations after she came out swinging for trans rights on Twitter.

The television cook and bestselling food writer shared an article from The Independent on Saturday (29 August) about a former “gender critical feminist” who changed her views when her nephew came out as trans.

In the article, Nora Mulready wrote about her journey towards understanding and acceptance after her nephew opened up about his gender identity in 2017.

“Although I was in some ways supportive, changing pronouns and the name I called him, inside I found it challenging and hoped this ‘phase’ would pass,” Mulready wrote.

However, as time went by, Mulready “listened” and “learned” and came to see that trans people deserve to be seen as who they really are.

Lawson shared the article on Twitter, and simply wrote: “A still small voice of calm.”

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The writer, who is gearing up to release her latest cookbook Cook, Eat, Repeat in October, was widely praised for showing her support for trans rights with her 2.6 million followers.

Nigella Lawson basically said ‘trans rights!’

The television personality was widely praised after she essentially said “trans rights!”

Others rightly felt that they had no choice but to stan.

She was also praised by various LGBT+ organisations and individuals for the powerful show of support.

Others happily took the opportunity to move their allegiance from JK Rowling to Lawson, after the Harry Potter author was accused of making transphobic comments in a series of tweets and a lengthy blog post.

Perhaps most importantly, it helped to lift the spirits of trans people, many of whom spend much of their lives fielding transphobic attacks online.

She was also widely praised for using her large and powerful platform in a constructive and positive way.

The much-loved At My Table cookery star has won praise in the past for her support of trans rights.

In January, she shared an article about the history of “they” and “them” singular pronouns – and won praise from trans and non-binary fans in the process.

She also previously donated to a fundraiser to pay for the funeral of a trans man whose loved ones refused to claim his body.

Lawson once famously said that all women should fall in love with someone of the same sex. Moreover, she once said she is a “gay man in a woman’s body” back in 2016, a remark made by her late husband, John Diamond, for her affinity with the queer community.

Her support comes after a difficult few months for trans and non-binary people, during which JK Rowling made her opposition to trans rights public.

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