Homophobic street preacher turns himself in after breaking a man’s leg, claiming God will ‘exonerate’ him

homophobic street preacher Dorre Love

A homophobic street preacher who ‘intentionally’ broke the leg of a man who stood up to his hate has turned himself in to the police.

Dorre Love, 42, and another man were preaching on a street in Vancouver, Canada, on 22 August when a local sportscaster yelled at them to stop.

Justin Morissette grabbed the microphone attached to a portable address system from them, and Love reacted furiously.

The homophobic street preacher and reportedly attacked Morissette from behind, twisting him until he heard his left leg “snap”.

The attack left the sportscaster with two broken leg bones and a dislocated knee, his brother Kevin wrote on a GoFundMe page raising money for expenses relating to his injuries.

Morissette said at the time: “He absolutely 1,000 per cent knew that that was going to happen when he did that, this was a malicious, intentional break of my leg.”

According to local residents, Love had been yelling homophobic sermons which amounted “outright hatred” and were “broadcast at extremely high volumes” for weeks on end by the time of the alleged attack.

Although Love was initially released by authorities, this month he was charged with aggravated assault and a warrant was put out for his arrest.

But in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel Tuesday (27 October), Love said that he was turning himself in.

Filing himself in front of Vancouver Police Department, he said: “I have faith in God that this will be handled expeditiously and justice will be served, and I will be exonerated.”

“Because the Bible even says, right, we should respect the laws of the land,” he added.

“The Bible says that the authorities are established by God. So, therefore I respect all the laws of the land, and I have faith in God.”

According to CityNews, Love has been released from custody since handing himself in, but is set to appear in court next month.