Powerful short film highlights challenges faced by trans workers every day over something as simple as a name badge

Trades Union Congress transgender TUC

The Trades Union Congress has released a powerful new short film showing the challenges that come with transitioning in the workplace.

The moving video, written and directed by Sam Nicklin, was released by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) to mark Transgender Awareness Week.

It follows a character named Liam, played by trans masc actor Kenya Sterling, as he changes his name on his phone, deleting his deadname in the process.

But when Liam goes into the cafe where he works, his boss insists that he wear a badge showing his deadname.

The TUC film closes with the message: “We all have the right to be recognised for who we are. Trade unions help make workplaces better for all trans workers.”

With 5.5 million members, the TUC commissioned the film “to show how important it is trans people are treated with dignity at work and are able to be themselves”, Quinn Roache, TUC policy officer for LGBT+ and disabled workers, told PinkNews.

“The TUC, and the union movement, will do all it can to support trans people in the workplace,” he added.

“I encourage everyone to take a couple of minutes to watch this film and educate themselves on the things they can do to support trans and non-binary workers.”

The TUC has also shared resources on its website to address some of the issues trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people face in the workplace.

The pages offer employers advice on how they can support non-binary workers, how they should respond to transphobic hate incidents and crimes, and how people can be good trans allies at work.

The powerful film comes just months after the TUC emphatically showed its support for trans people by passing a powerful motion in support.

In its motion, the TUC said portraying trans rights as dangerous to women and children was “reminiscent of homophobic lies of the past” and said its members firmly rejected such rhetoric.

The union also hit out at the anti-trans LGB Alliance, saying it was seeking to roll back the existing rights of trans people”.