Businesses urged to give non-binary people basic recognition by making one simple change

A female icon (left) on a pink background and male icon (right) on a blue background

Businesses are being urged to include the gender-neutral title Mx on forms because recognising their non-binary customers is “the right thing to do”.

The title Mx was first suggested in the 1970s by feminist campaigners for those who didn’t want their gender revealed by their title.

It was added as a legal option in 2011 by the UK’s Deed Poll service and to the Oxford Dictionary in 2015, and is frequently used by non-binary people as an alternative to the gendered Miss, Mrs, Ms or Mr.

However, it is rarely included on businesses’ drop-down forms – sometimes even when several alternatives are available, such as Dr, Reverend, Sir, Lord or Lady.

Sky, the National Trust, Boots, Screwfix and ITV already have Mx on forms, and Include Mx is calling on other businesses to follow suit.

Non-binary campaigner Tom Pashby told PinkNews that they started Include Mx after spending “a lot of time and emotional energy” personally contacting businesses asking them to add Mx as an option – which, Pashby says, is an experience they realised would be being repeated by countless others who use Mx as a title.

“I thought this campaign would be a more effective way to get organisations to change, rather than me feeling like I’m screaming into the void,” Pashby says.

They continue: “My goal is to use the weight of public pressure to encourage organisations to include Mx, partly by showing them that their competitors are already doing it, and to get Mx on forms so people using those organisations see that it is an accepted title.”

By businesses and other organisations including Mx as a title on forms, non-binary people won’t have to decide between two wrong options – and more people will become aware of the Mx title.

Companies should include Mx because “it’s the right thing to do by their customers”, Pashby says.

“They will get more custom from people who use Mx and their allies,” they add. “I am definitely less likely to use a service if they don’t include Mx… Lots of mainstream organisations do recognise Mx though. My bank does, my pension provider does, and it’s on my (provisional) driving license.”

Include Mx has celebrated organisations including Sky, National Trust, Office Shoes, Boots, ITV, Gucci, Screwfix and Hermes for already including Mx on their forms.

The campaign is calling on other businesses to follow suit.