American Express to add non-binary Mx title to forms

This is an image of a mobile device showing the American Express logo

American Express has confirmed that it is set include the prefix ‘Mx’ on its application forms, promising to add the non-binary title “in the coming months.”

American Express in the UK requires prospective customers to select a title to apply for an Amex credit card, but currently only provides the traditional options of Mr, Mrs, Miss and Ms.

The Gender Census 2023 found that, of those non-binary people who use a title, Mx is the most popular.

Tom Pashby, who runs the campaign Include Mx campaign and started a petition calling on American Express to add the title to forms, received confirmation that work was already underway to introduce the measure.

American Express also confirmed to PinkNews that work to add Mx was underway before the petition was created.

A spokesperson for the credit card company American Express told Pashby: “We believe in a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce, marketplace and society.

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“Work to add the Mx titling option for new American Express card applications in the UK is already underway, and will be added to the digital application journey in the coming months.”

Leading UK retailers including Argos, Wickes and Debenhams have already added Mx to forms after campaigning efforts by Include Mx.

‘A person’s gender identity should not be a barrier’

India, a former American Express employee, said: “It is extremely disheartening to see Amex excluding the non-binary community from equitably accessing their products. A person’s gender identity should not be a barrier to accessing financial services.”

Existing card-holder Ambrose said they were “really pleased” that that were already able to change their title on American Express products after realising they were non-binary, but that it was “incredibly disappointing” that this option wasn’t available to new customers when applying.

While Pashby, who uses they/them pronouns, is happy the financial provider has set itself a deadline for implementing the change, they wish American Express would work faster.

“It does feel like Amex is saying it doesn’t mind excluding non-binary customers for up to a year while it fails to include Mx,” they said.

“Amex should commit more resources to the process so the title can be added as quickly as possible.”