Man orders rainbow Christmas tree to celebrate equality and love – but it backfires, badly

A Facebook advert for a rainbow Christmas tree, and the product in real life compared to a 6ft Christmas tree

We’re often told in life that size doesn’t always matter. But when you’re told something is big and it turns out to be anything but, it’s only natural to be annoyed.

We’re talking about Christmas trees, just to clarify.

Billy Taylor, 40 was left incensed after he bought a six-foot Thank You NHS – we mean, an LGBT+ Pride tree from a retailer through Facebook but was shocked to see a stringy, tiny stump arrive in the post.

2020, everyone.

Taking to Facebook, Taylor, a former carrier for the Royal Mail based in Edinburgh, Scotland, wrote with glee: “Xmas tree ordered!”

A status from Billy Taylor about a Facebook advert for a rainbow Christmas tree


He shared a link to the website he purchased the “6ft Equal Love Rainbow Christmas Tree” through Facebook.

A preview showed the vibrant, rainbow-hued tree standing stall with presents packed at its base with a chair nearby.

But three weeks later, Taylor gave an update: “So my long-awaited 6ft rainbow coloured Christmas tree got delivered to [friend Sandy Carlin], I’m usually out. I got this.

Facebook status showing the tiny rainbow Christmas tree


“£30, 6ft… you’re lucky if it’s six inches. Never ordering off FB sites again, c***s.”

Carlin, a school support administrator at Edinburgh Napier University, later uploaded a photograph of the tree, which is probably even smaller than a bonsai.

“I’ve never laughed so hard in a long time,” he wrote, “poor Billy Taylor.”

“Saw the ad on Facebook and thought of ordering it,” another pal wrote. “So glad I didn’t.”

This Morning presenters Ruth Langsford and Alice Beer were recently mocked after suggesting a rainbow-coloured tree was for the NHS.

“Not traditional, but kids would love that, also we’ve had the NHS rainbow,” Langsford noted.

“We’re celebrating the NHS,” agreed Beer. “It’s very thematic… frankly this could be your second tree.”