Drag Race’s Nina Bo’nina Brown condemned for making ‘gross, transphobic’ comments about Gottmik

nina bonina brown drag race anti trans

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Nina Bo’nina Brown has been accused of transphobia after making comments about season 13 queen Gottmik.

The season nine queen is under fire over a YouTube review of the the new season, in which she comments on Gottmik’s body.

Gottmik is the franchise’s first-ever transgender man to compete on Drag Race and has been applauded for celebrating gender identity on the catwalk, making a point of wearing outfits that proudly display her top surgery scars.

In the most recent episode, Gottmik walked out on the runway almost naked, save for a tiny, doll-sized black dress and pasties.

In her video, Nina is reviewing the outfits each contestant is wearing. When Gottmik enters the stage, she says: “Of course, Gottmik can wear this and still have curves – oh we know why.”

The drag community quickly condemned Nina’s comments, accusing her of transphobia.

Drag Race UK season two star Joe Black took to Twitter to voice her upset at Brown. She wrote: “Other people’s genitals are really none of your business and not a punchline. 

“Also the obsession with these review shows have with body shape is gross.”

She added Nina “should know better” as she was part of the show, and she should have seen “their gross and frankly smug reaction to a trans body” during the editing of the reaction video.

Drag Race season 12 queen Jan also hit back at Brown. She wrote on Twitter: “Transphobia is absolutely disgusting and won’t be tolerated here.

“NBB [Nina Bo’nina Brown], that was horribly violent and gross. Shame on you.”

Denali, also a contestant in season 13, wrote on Twitter: “Oh this is NOT it.”

Denim Pussy, a trans drag artist, tweeted a Bugs Bunny meme with the words “I wish all transphobic drag queens a very agonising existence” on it.

This isn’t the first time Nina Bo’nina Brown has targeted Gottmik

One Twitter user pointed out that this is not the first time that Nina Bo’nina Brown has commented on Gottmik’s body, sharing another video made earlier this year.

In the clip, Nina reads out a fan comment saying: “He said Gottmik’s tuck is always on point. Watch out, Trinity.”

She adds: “Now bitch, Gottmik is a man. You know he got a lot of stuff to tuck. 

“In the words of Gottmik, Gottmik was born a girl.”

Following criticism, Nina posted a statement to her Instagram before making her page private.

“Not saying I know why a certain person has curves is the definition of transphobic.

“It’s laughable tbh they claim so many Drag Race girls to be transphobic even Ru. Yet [they’re] quiet when actual Black trans woman are found dead and actually harassed they say nothing but jump the minute they can to shout someone’s transphobic within the community.

“Just a bunch of white evil twinks out to cancel a Black queen what’s new? As many times these people have read queens for having boy body now their mad cus I said someone has curves was I lying? At this rate if anyone goes against Gottmik or says he isn’t that great or u don’t like a runway you’re transphobic lol.”

PinkNews contacted Nina Bo’nina Brown for comment.