Laverne Cox gushes over ‘miracle’ boyfriend and says it one more time for the people in the back: ‘Men attracted to trans women aren’t gay’

Laverne Cox smiles to the camera in a black top

Laverne Cox spoke about her partner in a new interview, explaining that their 22-year age gap “has not been an issue” and touching on the realities of dating as a trans woman.

The actor first revealed she’s in a relationship in January, confirming she had been dating somebody for around six months, and has no plans to make her partner public.

Appearing on The View Thursday (18 February), the 48-year-old actor gushed over her new boyfriend, saying it was a “miracle” that she’s found love once more.

She admitted that when it comes to dating as a Black trans woman, there is “a lot of misunderstanding” and transphobic stigmas remain a “real issue” when it comes to finding a partner.

“It’s so weird,” Cox said between bursts of laughter.

“We had a conversation because I’m trying to keep him out of the spotlight, so I would try not to say too much.

“Yes, he’s technically 22 years younger than me – the age difference has not been an issue. It’s just really hard to find someone that you really connect with.

“It’s hard to find love. I’m a 48-year-old Black trans woman who’s kind of famous and I feel like it’s a miracle that I found love again.

“I’m just celebrating that and super excited that God has brought this man into my life.”

Cox said that stigma is a “very real issue” when dating as a trans person, and the misunderstanding that is seemingly a given is in no way new.

But the solution, she said, is a rather simple one.

“It’s been really hard,” she explained. “Historically, a lot of men who are attracted trans women, there’s a huge stigma around it.

“A guy I talked to recently said that if he told a friend he likes trans women he was like: ‘Why can’t just be gay?’

“There’s a lot of misunderstanding because I think the womanhood of trans is often denied by a lot of people.

“So men who are attracted to trans women are attracted to women – they’re not gay. People assume they’re gay and so it gets really confusing.

“If we can just accept that trans women are women, that the men who date us are dating a woman – that’s been going on forever. If we can just get into that mindset it would be so much better.”

Who is Laverne Cox dating?

Laverne Cox is dating an “insanely hot” man, she told PEOPLE earlier this month, saying her new partner has a “beautiful soul”.

The pair have decided to keep things “present” and not go public anytime soon.

“He’s just so kind and funny, and we’ve laughed and had just the best time,” the Orange Is The New Black star said.

“He’s not playing any games. He’s just himself, and he’s kind and sweet and real and funny and awesome.

“And he’s 20 years younger than me, as well. So that’s a whole thing. I always date younger men.”