Yes, Katie Price has seen Bimini Bon Boulash’s Snatch Game impersonation. And this is what she thinks

RuPaul's Drag Race UK

Bimini Bon-Boulash’s Snatch Game impression of Katie Price on Drag Race UK was so flawless that even Jordan herself couldn’t help but approve.

There have been plenty of highlights in this season of Drag Race UK, but as always Snatch Game was the one we were all waiting for.

The challenge sees contestants’ improvisation and imitation skills put to the ultimate test – and Bimini certainly raised the bar.

The east London queen perfectly nailed Katie Price’s distinctive drawl, completing the look with ballooning breasts and glittering pink tiara.

“As you know Ru, you might have heard in the press, I’ve had a hectic year,” Bimini said.

“My implants got held at gunpoint in South Africa. I walked in the stables and caught my horse cheating on me again so I didn’t have any time to write anything.”

She had judges in stitches and viewers quickly took to social media to applaud Bimini’s “hysterical” Drag Race UK impersonation.

“Bimini’s Katie Price is truly BAFTA worthy,” wrote the meme account Love Of Huns as it shared a clip of the performance on Instagram.


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It soon caught the attention of the official BAFTA account, who very much agreed, commenting with a trophy emoji.

And by the sounds of it, Bimini’s impression went down well with Katie Price as well. Ever the good sport, Price is said to have found the skit “very funny” and threw her support behind the series two contestant.

A source told Metro: “Katie is delighted to be an inspiration to Bimini’s impersonation of her and wishes her all the best.”

Katie Price is yet to comment publicly, but Bimini made sure to clarify that her Drag Race UK impression was done with a lot of love.

“I also ADORE AND LOVE @KatiePrice and I always have,” she tweeted after the show aired. “She’s an absolute icon and I hope I did her proud.”