YouTuber Valkyrae apologises for saying ‘I wish I was gay’ on stream after comment sparks backlash


Popular YouTube gamer Valkyrae has apologised for a comment she made about wishing she was gay.

The comments were made live on stream on 20 March, where Valkyrae was reacting to videos on Reddit in response to a recent music video shoot.

“I am shocked that I’m straight,” she said on the stream. “I can’t believe it with how much I love women.

“I should be at least bisexual but I’m not. That sucks for me.”

Posting on Twitter after the stream, Valkyrae apologised for her comments.

“As I was reading the VOD comments, some mentioned while they understand I didn’t mean any harm, it comes off as invalidating LGBTQ+ struggles as being straight is a privilege,” she said.

“I understand & you’re absolutely right. I’ll do better! <3”

Her comments initially received a mixed reaction from fans, but her Twitter apology was widely appreciated with many thanking her for addressing their concerns.

“As someone who’s bi, I personally didn’t find your comments hurtful, but I completely understand why people in the community may feel invalidated. thank you for educating yourself and addressing the community – it shows how much you care,” said one follower.

“Personally, I felt in the context of what you were talking about I didn’t feel invalidated, though I know others did, so thank you for addressing and being so understanding Rae,” read another.

Valkyrae has only grown in popularity since signing exclusively to YouTube a year ago, with 3.21 million subscribers on the video platform. Her Twitter following is 2.1 million.

Her videos consist mainly of playing a variety of games with other streamers like Dr Lupo, Sykkuno, and Disguised Toast, most notably Among Us.

Recently she appeared in the music video for Machine Gun Kelly’s track DAYWALKER! portraying YouTuber Corpse Husband.

Valkyrae is a streamer for 100 Thieves, the gaming and esports brand.