More details for Mario Golf: Super Rush revealed by Nintendo in new trailer, including game modes

Mario Golf: Super Rush

A new trailer for Nintendo’s forthcoming Mario Golf: Super Rush reveals a fresh look at its multiplayer and single player modes.

The Mario Golf games have always put a Nintendo spin on the sport. That’s set to continue with Super Rush, with its cast of Mushroom Kingdom characters and simple controls that allow for a variety of trick shots.

Motion controls are also included, in a nod to the classic golf game in Wii Sports.

It’s in multiplayer that the game looks most exciting. It’s available both locally and online across standard courses and those featuring Mario-themed hazards.

Super Rush introduces Speed Golf, where players tee up simultaneously and race across the course to be the first to sink the ball in the hole and win.

Collect items to regain stamina, avoid obstacles on the course, and use special moves to dash past the competition.

Each character has their own special moves, so now you can pirouette your way down the course as Waluigi if you so desire.

There’s also Battle Golf, a special variation of Speed Golf, where players compete in a stadium to score three holes out of nine as quickly as possible.

For single players, Super Rush introduces Golf Adventure: an RPG style mode where you design a Mii character to progress through the golf rankings.

Face off against Mushroom Kingdom characters in courses and challenges and improve your skills in power, stamina, speed and more by spending experience points.

This isn’t the first Mario Golf game to feature such a mode. Back in 1999 a Mario Golf was released on the Game Boy Colour that featured an RPG mode that proved very popular.

Mario Golf: Super Rush will join Mario Tennis as the resident Mario sports games on the Switch. Will we see a return to Mario Strikers next?

Mario Golf: Super Rush is released on 25 June. Check out the trailer below.

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