Drag Race icon Gottmik gives ‘love of my life’ Cara Delevingne jaw-dropping makeover

Drag Race Gottmik Cara Delevingne

Drag Race icon Gottmik transformed his “love” English model Cara Delevingne into a drag queen in a hilarious, giggle-filled video.

The 28-year-old gender-fluid model and actor, who came out as pansexual in June 2020, was given a gorgeous, dramatic, Gottmik-inspired look from the Drag Race icon, who remained out of drag in the video.

At the beginning of the video, Gottmik joked that the reason he’d taken a month-long break from his YouTube channel was that he was “seeing someone”, his “boyfriend Jacques” – a Jared Leto-looking bearded drag king who turned out to be Delevingne.

Gottmik then declared that they were going to “de-drag her to re-drag her” with a “clown” inspired drag look. He started by “glueing down the brows of the inventor of eyebrows” – Delevingne’s signature feature.

“How does it feel to invent brows?” Gottmik joked. “Is it stressful? Like that no one had brows until you were born.”

“I hated my eyebrows, and I tried to shave, pluck them so many times,” Delevingne admitted.

She continued: “She [her mother] was like ‘trust me they’re your best feature’, and I was like rude! But also, that ended up being true.”

After putting on Gottmik’s iconic white foundation base, Delevingne said: “I look insane.”

“Well, this is my everyday reality,” the trans queen retorted.

At one point in the video, Delevingne is asked about when she started watching Drag Race. The model admitted she only started watching the groundbreaking series “five years ago” when she started filming Amazon’s Carnival Row in Prague.

“Because when I’m doing a show like that really intensely, I need to watch something kind of the opposite,” Delevingne explained. “I guess the artistry of Drag Race isn’t that different because I guess my show’s like fantasy.”


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She said she was “stuck” on Drag Race and became a fan after watching just “one episode” of the first season of the iconic show. Delevingne added that she “went the whole way through” the show from the first season up to the more recent episodes.

The actor then spilled the tea about Drag Race Down Under – which Gottmik hasn’t seen. Delevingne explained the stars on the New Zealand-Australian spin-off are “such catty queens”.

Gottmik then shared that when he’s at drag conventions he “always” wants to sit at the “Australian b*****s’ booth” because “they’re so mean”. He added: “It’s like crazy, and I’ll just sit there and listen and I’m like ‘oh my God’.”

Delevingne also shared in the interview that the stress from modelling and being a ‘people pleaser’ was so intense that she “got really sick”. She vividly recalled her “head was bleeding” at one point because she developed psoriasis.

Delevingne explained that was “still doing fashion week” although she was “covered head to toe” in foundation to hide the “massive plaques of psoriasis” on her body. It wasn’t until fashion icon Kate Moss stepped in and told Delevingne to set boundaries for herself and “just say no” that she got better.