Nintendo shock announces brand new Switch console with redesign and new features

Nintendo Switch OLED: Surprise new console announced

Nintendo has surprise announced a brand new Switch model: the catchily named Nintendo Switch OLED.

As you’d expect, it features a brand new 7 inch OLED screen that will offer brighter, sharper vivid colours. The current Switch has a 6.2 inch screen.

There’s a new stand too that still flips out the back of the console but is much wider and more stable. It’s also adjustable to multiple heights.

The other major new feature is the inclusion of a wired LAN port. This means the console won’t need to rely on Wi-Fi for internet connection.

In addition, the console has enhanced audio with its onboard speakers, plus internal storage of 64GB.

With the new and improved screen and other features, it seems the Nintendo Switch OLED is particularly focused on a superior handheld and tabletop experience.

What hasn’t been mentioned is 4K support when playing the console on the TV in docked mode. This was widely expected in reports of the “Switch Pro” so it’s disappointing it’s seemingly not included here.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model will be available in two colours. The first is black with red and blue neon Joy-Con – just like the existing model – while the second has a black console with sleek white Joy-Con and dock.

Nintendo are yet to announce the price of the new console.

The console will be released on 8 October, the same day as Metroid Dread – the latest in the sci-fi series. 

Announced at the E3 Nintendo Direct last month, it’s a return to the 2D side-scrolling of the series’ roots but with a technological horror twist.

The “Switch Pro” has been rumoured for a long time with various reports of internal improvements. It seems that this new model, however, is predominantly an upgrade to the screen with few other improvements when playing in docked mode.

Whether this is enough for existing owners to upgrade remains to be seen.

So far, gamers aren’t best pleased with the news.

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