Tom Daley gives ‘work husband’ Matty Lee adorable present after Olympics victory

Tom Daley Matthew Lee pose with their gold medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games

Tom Daley has proven that he is the king of all that is wholesome giving his “work husband” and diving partner Matty Lee an Olympic ring.

After the Team GB athletes won gold in the men’s synchronised 10 metres diving competition on Monday (26 July), Daley posted a YouTube video – titled “We are Olympic Champions” – documenting the stellar performance and its aftermath.

In the video, Daley said that he had a “present” for Lee before handing him a tiny box. Lee opened the box to reveal a metal ring bearing the Olympic rings as their Team Great Britain teammates cheered in the background.

“We have matching ones,” Daley explained, flashing his own identical ring.

He then joked he wears the ring for his “work husband” Lee on one hand and his wedding band for husband Dustin Lance Black on the other.

Daley added: “One on each end.”

Tom Daley Matty Lee matching rings bearing the Olympic rings

Tom Daley (L) and Matty Lee (R) show off their matching rings bearing the Olympic rings. (YouTube/Tom Daley)

Matty Lee shared that Tom Daley’s ‘surprise’ has an extremely thoughtful backstory.

Lee told that his ring is the “exact same” mould of Daley’s ring, which he got “years and years ago after his first Olympics”. The new Olympic champion described the thoughtful present as “something really cool and special”.

“So regardless of how we did, he still had a little surprise he brought me from England,” Lee said. “It’s so, so special that he got me that.”

Tokyo is Daley’s fourth time competing in the Olympic games, and his first-ever gold medal win. It was Lee’s debut Olympic appearance and his first win.

Daley made his Olympic debut at the 2008 Beijing games at the age of 14. He won bronze at the London 2012 Olympics and Rio 2016.

The out diver shared that crochet and knitting have kept him “sane” in the run-up to these recent Olympic games. At the same time, he showed off his latest creation: a small pouch for his gold medal. The cosy included a Union Jack design on one side and the Japanese flag on the other.