Robin just came out as bisexual in new Batman comic – and fans are absolutely elated

Batman’s sidekick Tim Drake has come out bisexual DC comics

Batman’s sidekick Tim Drake, aka Robin, came out as bisexual and scored himself a date all in one issue – and DC Comics fans are absolutely elated.

Drake first appeared in comics in 1989 and is the third character to assume the role of Batman’s vigilante partner Robin. Over the years, he has adopted multiple aliases including Red Robin and even going by the codename Drake before becoming Batman’s sidekick once more.

The character has been shown dating women before and, in the latest comic book, it has been confirmed that he is also open to dating men.

Batman: Urban Legends #6 – by writer Meghan Fitzmartin, artist Belén Ortega, colourist Alejandro Sánchez and letterer Pat Brosseau – is DC’s latest instalment of an ongoing series exploring stories set in Gotham City.

The comic continued a story set out in previous pieces and saw Drake rescue his old friend, Bernard, who was kidnapped and almost sacrificed by evildoers. As the two characters fight side-by-side, Drake had a “lightbulb moment” where he discovered “something out in the ether has been taunting you, teasing you”.

He explained that people keep “asking me what I want”, but he could “never grasp” what the answer was.

After the epic battle, Drake travelled to Bernard’s house and the two came face-to-face yet again. Drake shared that he would like to “figure” out their relationship, and Bernard responded by bluntly asking the other man if he would like to go on a date.

“Yeah, I think I want that,” Drake answered.

Batman and especially Tim Drake fans responded extremely positively to the news

Fans on Twitter were elated to hear the news that Drake is canonically bisexual, with many sharing how much the queer Robin meant to them.

In the comics, Drake took on the mantle of Robin, following in the steps of Dick Grayson and Jason Todd. Drake trained himself in martial arts and gymnastics as well as honing his keen intellect and detective skills.

He eventually deduced the identities of Batman and Robin as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. Eventually, Grayson retired, and Todd took his place as Robin. But Todd is eventually murdered by the Joker.

After Todd’s death, Drake witnessed Batman growing more reckless and violent. He called on Grayson, who had since become Nightwing, to become Robin once more. However, Grayson refused, and Tim was eventually enlisted as the third Robin at the age of 13.

Drake has appeared in various adaptations of the Batman franchise including in several animated TV shows and the Batman: Arkham video game series. He will make his live-action debut in season three of the HBO Max series Titans later this month. The character will be played by Jay Lycurgo.