Lizzo announces Cardi B collab as comeback single in the most Lizzo way imaginable

Lizzo and Cardi B

Lizzo and Cardi B are finally joining forces for a new single and fans can barely contain their excitement.

When she’s not been busy polishing her flute-twerking skills or serving looks on social media, Lizzo has been hard at work on the follow-up to her 2019 album, Cuz I Love You.

After days of teasing new music, the global megastar confirmed Monday (9 August) that her upcoming single “Rumors”, set to be released this Friday (13 August), will feature none other than ‘W.A.P’ hitmaker Cardi B.

Lizzo announced the news in typically charismatic fashion, posting an Instagram video of a FaceTime call with a sleepy, pink beanie-clad Cardi.

“Good morning muthaf***a”, she said by way of a greeting, before joking: “That’s who it’s featuring y’all, period…it’s Harry Styles!”

“What the f**k, what’s going on?” Cardi laughed. “Why are you calling me so early? It’s nine o’ clock in the morning!”

Both Lizzo and Cardi later shared the eye-catching single artwork, which shows them lifting immaculately-manicured, gold nail-tipped fingers to their lips.

The stars have been friends for years, but “Rumors” marks their first time featuring on a track together – and naturally, fans flocked to social media to share their excitement.

Whether you’re planning to celebrate Lizzo & Cardi Day or not, the long-awaited collaboration is sure to become yet another global smash.

While “Rumors” is Lizzo’s first track in two years, Cardi B has been giving us bop after bop with a series of high-profile collabs.

The latest was Normani’s “Wild Side”, which saw Cardi team up with the former Fifth Harmony singer and deliver another explicit, viral verse.

As well as letting the world know she could “probably suck a watermelon through a straw”, Cardi also made an appearance in the song’s epic music video, which has roundly been hailed one of the greatest of all time.