Actor behind Boyfriend Dungeon’s sinister villain receives torrent of online abuse

Boyfriend Dungeon stalking character

The voice actor behind a controversial character in Boyfriend Dungeon is now being harassed online.

Alexander Gross, aka Octopimp on Twitter, plays the role of Eric – the villain of the game who stalks and harasses the player.

While there’s a content warning for this at the start of Boyfriend Dungeon that developer Kitfox Games are amending to make clearer, some players are unhappy at the inclusion of potentially triggering content.

That’s no excuse for harassing the voice actor, however.

“Hey I can’t believe I have to address this, but please don’t send me hate messages about my character in Boyfriend Dungeon. I know he sucks, but I’m just his voice actor. Please be respectful,” wrote Gross on Twitter.

“Saying ‘it reflects poorly on me to play a character like this’ is so confusing. There’s bad people out there, I don’t support what these kind of people are doing/saying/thinking at all. It’s just acting, y’all.”

Most of the replies are in sympathy with Gross, shocked that players are unable to distinguish between acting and reality.

After all, Gross is simply playing a role in a story. 

In an earlier tweet, he joked about playing a role “so universally (albeit understandably) reviled”.

He’s also thanked his followers for support following the abuse he’s received.

“I really do appreciate the kind words, everyone. I didn’t expect that post to reach that far (or for anyone to care, really). Thank you for having my back on this one.”

Boyfriend Dungeon is available now on PC and Switch.

It’s a dating sim in which players date their weapons (who are actually people) before fighting with them through randomly generated dungeons.

It’s a bizarre setup, but it’s openly queer and has a soundtrack that slaps. Read our full review here.

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