Destiny 2 player banned for disgustingly racist username after fans tweeted their outrage

Destiny 2

A Destiny 2 player, one of the first to complete the Vault of Glass raid, has been banned for a racist username.

On the World First Raid Report page, the second team now has only five members listed instead of a full team of six.

That’s because one of their members, with the gamertag #BlackLivesDontMatter, has now been removed.

The username was pointed out to the Bungie team by fans on Twitter. Bungie’s senior community manager Dylan Gafner responded that this was indeed against their Code of Conduct.

The player has since been banned.

The Bungie team was also notified in another tweet saying “doubt you want someone like this representing and tainting your game”, to which lead community manager Chris Shannon simply replied with a SpongeBob SquarePants gif saying “banned”.

The user has since appeared to have updated their profile name to “Stop crying, they don’t” in retaliation.

The Vault of Glass raid is a classic from the very first Destiny game that’s now been added to the sequel to the online multiplayer first person shooter game.

Guardians can now return to the depths of Venus to terminate Atheon through space and time.

The raid was implemented as a Raid Race to see which clan could complete it first. The winning clan was Clan Elysium with a time of 1hr 43m and 55s.

Raids are the pinnacle of the Destiny series, where six Guardians test their skills and teamwork for a chance to gain the best loot.

Destiny 2 is now free-to-play across Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and PC via Steam.

This latest Raid has been included as part of the recent Season of the Splicer content. Check out a trailer below.

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