Destiny 2 has a new lease of life with Season of the Chosen, it’s most exciting and invigorating season yet

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

Season 13 of Destiny 2 brings a new look to Bungie’s popular multi-player first person shooter with new gear, strikes, and even the return of the Guardian Games.

Yesterday, the newest season in Destiny 2 named Season of the Chosen launched and it’s safe to say it’s their best season yet. Bringing forth new arrivals of more than 25 exotic, powerful legendary, and ritual gear and weapons, which will be available for all Guardians – plus the Cabal is back! – season 13 was definitely worth the wait.

Running until 11 May, Season of the Chosen sees Empress Caiatl, daughter of Calus and leader of the Cabal, seek out Zavala for an alliance with the Vanguard. When Zavala refuses to kneel, threats are exchanged by both sides. Guardians must preemptively strike at her growing army while continuing to fend off the destabilizing influence of Xivu Arath.

The start of the Season of the Chosen sees The Devil’s Lair and Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Strikes return from Destiny with the Proving Grounds strike unlocking later. In Proving Grounds, humanity’s champions will go up against the Cabal’s best to determine the Last City’s fate. The highlight of the new season without a doubt is the new battleground activity.

As soon as you enter the game, you compete in the first battleground battle of Behemoth among other players, completing objectives such as stopping the Cabal advance and defeating Cabal to acquire a volatile power cell.

Roadmap for Season 13


After this, not only do you get to fight through waves of enemies in a patrol area and then head deeper into one of the nearby underground caverns (where your fight more enemies and eventually end up at a Cabal boss in a small area where you again kill more enemies), the battleground activity is a great way to run through and complete your bounties which you collect makes the game easier to complete.

The new social space H.E.L.M, where you can use the Prismatic Recaster (used to decrypt Umbral Engrams, which are returning this season) and upgrade your Hammer of Proving (to unlock different pursuits and rewards at the Battlegrounds) at the War Table vendor is a great addition to the game, making more accessible to equip better stuff.

Seasonal Praefectus Armor Set


With Empress Caital challenging you to prove your worth this season, the season 13 pass allows its owners to instantly unlock an Exotic bow called Ticuu’s Divination, which can charge and fire multiple Solar arrows with multi-target tracking making it easier for you to inflict damage and defeat the enemies.

In addition to that, you also get the new shiny Seasonal Praefectus Armor Set, standing out from the crowd looking good while engaging in combat. The multi-player aspect is a key component to the game and whether or not you are playing in Mayhem or Gambit, the engagement in battle with your pals is an undefeated experience.

It’s clear that from playing season 13 (for seven hours last night might we add), Bungie’s mission to improve the overall experience and quality of the gamer for its users is evident and comes highly recommended for those who haven’t tried out Destiny 2 yet.

Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen is free-to-play on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PC, and Stadia.