Elton John had a powerful realisation after watching Russell T Davies’ AIDS drama It’s a Sin

Elton John posing for a photograph and the cast of It's a Sin in a still image from the series

Elton John has said Russell T Davies’ acclaimed series It’s a Sin made him realise how lucky he was to avoid contracting HIV at the height of the AIDS epidemic.

The music legend opened up about the huge impact the AIDS drama had on him on Will Manning’s Official Big Top 40 show on Capital and Heart radio on Sunday (29 August).

Elton John said he loves the show’s star Olly Alexander “dearly”, adding: “When I come back to England, which is going to be soon, I’m going to have a dinner for all the cast of It’s a Sin at our house because I love that programme so much.”

He added: “It made me realise how lucky I was to escape all that and to be reminded of what happened. And so Russell T Davies and the cast are going to come to dinner and we’re going to have a laugh.”

The “Rocket Man” singer’s comments come just months after It’s a Sin debuted on Channel 4, breaking streaming records and hearts in the process.

The series is set in London and follows a group of young queer friends as their lives are torn apart by the arrival of a mysterious disease that is decimating their community.

It’s a Sin has won acclaim for its powerful exploration of the AIDS epidemic, and Elton John has been open in the past about his adoration for the show’s all-queer cast.

Elton John phoned the cast of It’s a Sin after watching the series

Speaking to Olly Alexander on his Apple Music 1 show Rocket Hour in February, Elton John described It’s a Sin as “one of the best things I’ve seen on television ever”.

“I find you inspirational,” John told the Years & Years singer, “and I told you when I called you… when this COVID thing has calmed down I’m going to have all of you guys down for a dinner and we’re going to have the best time.”

John also revealed that he called Russell T Davies personally when he finished watching It’s a Sin, saying they had “a good old laugh and a good conversation”.

“And I rang all the younger members of the cast up because they are such a brilliant cast,” he added.

The “Tiny Dancer” singer also revealed that he related to Olly Alexander’s character Ritchie. “I was a very naughty boy and I had so much fun and I didn’t care what I got up to,” he said.

“You have so much life in you, no matter what you do, whether you’re making music, whether you’re acting, you have this great spirit, which sends out so much positivity,” John told Alexander.