Hades – starring bisexual icon Zagreus – wins big at first ever IGDA Global Industry Game Awards

Hades at the IGDA awards

Queer favourite Hades was the big winner at the first ever IGDA Global Industry Game Awards.

The International Game Developers Association set up the awards to highlight the accomplishments of individuals and teams developing games.

Out of 39 awards across art, audio, design and more, Hades won nine awards.

One of those, importantly, was for representation, thanks to the diverse cast of characters in Hades and its bisexual lead character.

The other awards it won were for 2D animation, 2D character design, UI art, voice acting, systems design, UI/UX, dialogue, and narrative design.

Another queer favourite, The Last of Us Part II won three awards for story, 3D animation and cinematography. Ghost of Tsushima won four awards and Half Life: Alyx also won three awards.

“The inaugural GIGA broadcast was an amazing opportunity to celebrate beloved games, and champion the people whose hard work too often goes unacknowledged,” said Renee Gittins, executive director of the IGDA. 

“By focusing on the human aspect of game development, we are honored to have an award ceremony not only highlighting games but, more importantly, recognizing the talents of a diverse group of international developers.”

This is hardly the first time Hades has won big.

The BAFTA Game Awards 2021 was a big night for queer games, with Hades and The Last of Us Part II sweeping up the majority of the awards. Hades won five, including Best Game.

Hades also won Best Game at the GDC 2021 awards, as well as Game of the Year at the Gayming Magazine awards.

Originally released on PC and Switch, Hades is now available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles – including on Game Pass.

As a result of its popularity, it’s now the highest rated game of the current generation. There really is no excuse not to play it.

For a full list of winners, check the IGDA website.

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