NikkieTutorials went on moving pilgrimage for Marsha P Johnson on morning of Met Gala tribute

On the left: NikkieTutorials lays flowers at the spot on the Hudson River where Marsha P. Johnson's body was found. Right: Nikkie at the Met Gala in a turqoise dress and flower crown

On the morning of the Met Gala, NikkieTutorials went to the spot on the Hudson River, New York, where Marsha P Johnson’s body was found.

“The morning of the Met Gala I wanted to lay flowers and pay my respects to Marsha,” NikkieTutorials, otherwise known as Nikkie de Jager, wrote on Twitter.  

“This was the place she was found… I hope I made you proud,” she added.

The trans YouTuber added a photo of a garland of peach-pink roses that she had laid on the West Village Piers, alongside a well-known photo of Marsha wearing a flower crown and smiling into the camera.

This year was NikkieTutorials’ first time at the Met Gala, and she used the opportunity to honour a trans legend with her outfit, which was a tribute to Marsha.

She arrived at the annual fundraising gala, which raises money for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City, in a sea green floral dress and headdress complete with front-facing mirrors on each side.

On the lower half of NikkieTutorials’ dress was a sash bearing the words “Pay it no mind”, a reference to Marsha P Johnson‘s personal motto that the “P” in her name famously stood for.

“When I got asked to join the Met Gala(!!!!!) I knew I wanted to pay homage to a trans icon who was at the forefront of the Stonewall Riots,” NikkieTutorials explained on Instagram.

“Marsha P Johnson paved the way for so many of us, and I hope I made my community proud tonight.

“This night has been so incredibly surreal… I can’t wait to tell you EVERYTHING!!!!!! WE DID IT GUYS!!!!!!!!” she continued.

“Thank you so much YouTube and [stylist] Derek Blasberg for this insane night… I’ll forever be so grateful!”

Make-up guru Nikkie came out as trans to her 12 million followers in January 2020. In an emotional 13-minute clip, the 25-year-old beauty blogger explained that she transitioned in her teens and decided to share her history after she was allegedly blackmailed.

In May 2021, she made history as the first out trans person to host the Eurovision Song Contest.