Street preacher challenged by angry crowd after calling gay people ‘degenerates’ in broad daylight

A street preacher is confronted in Lincoln over his anti-gay comments

A street preacher has been captured on video calling gay people “degenerates” and insisting that homosexuality is “a sin”.

The preacher, who has not been named, was challenged by locals in Lincoln when he started spouting anti-LGBT+ rhetoric through a microphone beside the town’s war memorial.

In video footage shared by The Lincolnite, the street preacher can be heard hitting out at a “degenerate society” full of “criminals against God”.

The preacher, who made his comments while standing in front of a sign that read “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners”, was challenged by locals over his anti-gay views.

One person asked why he is putting his faith in “a book written thousands of years ago when modern times have changed”. The preacher insisted that the “problem” is that times have changed, adding: “We’ve become a perverse and degenerate society.”

The video footage was captured by Jimmy Clarke. In the clip, Clarke can be heard asking the street preacher if gay people are “degenerates”.

“Yes,” the man replied. “I don’t know how many times I have to tell you this.”

“We’ve broken God’s law, the law of God, do not lie, do not steal,” the preacher continued.

Closing out his video, Clarke can be heard saying: “Lincoln city centre, everybody. What have I started?”

Anti-gay street preacher could ‘inspire hate crimes’

Speaking to The Lincolnite about the incident, Clarke said the preacher’s words could end up “inspiring hate crimes”.

He also suggested that hearing homophobic rhetoric in public might discourage LGBT+ teenagers from coming out to their parents.

“Why is this behaviour still allowed to continue in this day and age?” he asked.

Many Christians continue to hold firmly to the belief that the Bible condemns homosexuality – but recent research has found that vital passages were actually mistranslated and misconstrued.

In May, an extensive study from the Wigngaards Institute for Catholic Research, conducted by 20 biblical scholars, found that the Bible actually only condemns incest and adultery between men.

The study found that consensual sex between men was never condemned in the original texts.