YouTuber asks for ‘gay friends’ to hang out with his widowed mum. The response will warm your heart

Eugene Lee Yang and his mother

YouTuber Eugene Lee Yang has called for gay friends to hang out with his recently-widowed mother after she said gay friends are “much smarter and funnier” than a husband at Thanksgiving.

In a post on Twitter, Yang, member of the YouTube foursome The Try Guys, said his sister asked his mother if she would remarry after her partner, known as Mr Cho, died in August 2020.

She replied: “Maybe I find the gay friends… I learn they are much smarter and funnier and better than husband.”

Jumping on the chance to find his mother, Min-Young, gay friends, Yang then posted a call for “amazing 60-something gay people in the Houston, Austin, DC, Denver, or LA areas” to hang out.

Fans of Eugene’s mother – she has appeared in videos alongside him – immediately rushed to hang out with her, with one fan asking: “Would she accept a bisexual from Canada with anxiety?”

Proving age is no barrier to friendship, one Twitter user said: “I’m not 60-something but I am gay and would like to be friends with your mom”.

In what promises to be the best collaboration of 2021, a fan suggested that Min-Young hang out with the Old Gays, a group of four gay social media personalities and LGBT+ rights activists, all in their 60s and 70s.

Other fans praised her move into finding gay friends rather than looking for love, with one user saying: “Mom knows best. I’m going to find myself a gay friend.”

Another wanted the same for their own mother.

“I wanna know how common is the middle-aged single mother now with a bunch of queer friends who is thriving pipeline? Asking for my mom lmao,” they said.

Yang came out as gay in 2019 with a powerful dance video.

Through interpretive dance, Yang explored his personal experience, grappling with his family life, religion, and homophobia before finding love and acceptance.

He also launched a fundraiser for the Trevor Project alongside the video, raising over $43,000 (around £32,000) for the charity within the first day.