Gay YouTuber sees a trans woman’s vagina for the first time in ‘special screening’

Two friends - a gay youtuber in a tank top and a trans woman in a white vest top - sit together on a bed.

In an effort to demistify the age-old (and much-Googled) question, “what does a transgender woman’s vagina look like”, a gay YouTube star teamed up with Canadian transgender vlogger Julie Vu (Princess Joules), to film his first experience with “poussey, kitty, ‘gina, whatever you call it”.

He said: “I have a special screening of Princess Joules’ vagina.

“Full disclosure, I have seen a vagina before – I’ve actually seen a pair of vaginas, of lesbian friends of mine.

He added: “But it was from a distance… I’m so happy to see another one!”

Vu explained: “You’re about to see a man-made vagina. It’s like the Ferrari of all vaginas, hopefully.”

However, when it came down to the reality, the YouTuber seemed more surprised by hair removal.

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Davey Wavey said: “Oh my goodness. It’s so shaved… it’s so shaved! It’s like bald.

“It’s like this moment – we make such a big deal about these body parts, but then you see it, and it could be a fingernail or an elbow. It’s a vagina, and there it is!

“There’s this perception that this is an adult part, or it’s private, or it’s dirty, and you shouldn’t show people this… but it’s part of your f***ing body.”

He added: “When I saw the two other vaginas they looked very different from each other, and yours is also different.”

Vu added: “No vagina is really the same. They come in different shapes and sizes and stuff.

“I feel proud. I feel very happy about my body now – before I was very ashamed of my body. I was very self-conscious, I would tape myself every single day and have scars and rips. I would bleed.

“To wake up and not have to go through that, it’s so liberating. I feel free. I feel like a butterfly that has hatched.”

So, to conclude: “what does a transgender woman’s vagina look like?” Well, it just looks like a vagina.

This article was first published in 2015 and updated in 2023.

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