Olivia Colman obliterates Jack Whitehall with the shadiest read of all time

Headshots of Olivia Coleman and Jack Whitehall on The Graham Norton Show

Olivia Colman has accidentally obliterated Jack Whitehall with the shadiest read of all time and we are completely here for it.

On Friday night (10 December), the beloved actor graced the studio of the British late-night talk show The Graham Norton Show.

Colman, the 47-year-old star of The Favourite, obliterated Jack Whitehall with the shadiest read in human history. No, we are not exaggerating.

The pair appeared on the programme alongside Harriet actor Cynthia Erivo, with Whitehall on to promote his new role in family comedy and nightmarish fever dream, Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Watching a clip from the film, which hit British movie theatres on Friday, Graham Norton praised Whitehall’s “American accent” in his role of uncle Casey.

“This is a breakthrough role for you Jack,” Norton said, “because you have an American accent.”

But Colman accidentally (at least, we think) insulted Whitehall’s acting skills. After all, she knows a thing or two… or 12, rather, about acting – she has more acting awards than the British government has delayed banning conversion therapy.

Olivia Colman leaves viewers in hysterics Jack Whitehall

“Yes, I was doing an American accent,” Jack Whitehall told Graham Norton.

“What, in that clip?” Olivia Colman brutally asked.

“Yes!” Whitehall simperingly says. “Olivia!” he shouted, before pitting his head in his hand and adding: “I feel the Oscars buzz fizzling away.”

“You see, what a lot of actors do when they’re doing an American accent,” Whitehall said, “is they tend to just go for one region of America and commit to a single American accent.

“I decided with this role that I would take it around all 50 states, sometimes in the same scene.”

Whitehall has taken his part in a movie about a giant red puppy very seriously, as you can see.

The clip went absolutely viral on Twitter, with one user tweeting: “Olivia Colman is the gift that never stops giving.

“I need a whole show of Olivia just accidentally roasting people.”

Another added: “Olivia Colman is truly doing the Lord’s work.”

“You guys don’t understand,” a user joked, maybe, “I aspire to be her.”

Don’t we all, Twitter user. Don’t we all.