Trans activists who tweeted protest outside JK Rowling’s home ‘not criminal’, police say

JK Rowling

Police have said no action will be taken against three activists who staged a trans rights protest outside JK Rowling’s home because “no criminality” occurred.

In November, the Harry Potter author publicly condemned comedian Holly Stars, actor Georgia Frost and drag king Richard Energy after they held a demonstration outside her Edinburgh home.

A photo was subsequently shared online which showed the trio standing outside JK Rowling’s home, with part of her address visible in the background.

Rowling later accused Stars, Frost and Energy of “doxxing” her – which refers to the public sharing of private, personal information online – and she confirmed that she had spoken with police in Scotland over the protest.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland confirmed on Monday (17 January) that no action will be taken against Stars, Frost and Energy.

“Enquiries were carried out and no criminality has been established,” a spokesperson said.

JK Rowling’s address was listed by an Edinburgh tourism website when the protest occurred

Information about where JK Rowling lives is publicly available online. In November, when the protest occurred, a popular Edinburgh tourist website carried a picture of her 17th century home and listed her address.

That website no longer carries information about Rowling’s home.

Stars, Frost and Energy staged their protest in November over Rowling’s controversial comments about trans people. The author has repeatedly placed herself at the centre of the UK’s toxic debate about trans people’s right to freedom and dignity.

JK Rowling first waded into the so-called “culture war” in 2019 when she expressed her support for Maya Forstater, who has fought to have “gender critical” views protected under the Equality Act.

The following year, Rowling became the subject of a media storm when she published a lengthy essay on her own website in which she spoke of her “deep concerns” that the trans rights movement is having an adverse affect on children.

In that same essay, Rowling suggested that she might have transitioned if she was born in a later era because “the allure of escaping womanhood would have been huge”.

Rowling’s essay sent shockwaves through the UK’s trans community, with many longtime fans expressing disappointment in the author.

Since then, JK Rowling has repeatedly doubled down on her “gender critical” views.