Demi Lovato holds ‘funeral’ for their pop music

Demi Lovato is dressed in all black as they sing into a microphone

Demi Lovato hosted a “funeral” for their pop music career and teased that they are transitioning to another genre of music.

The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer told fans on Instagram that their pop music is knocking on death’s door so they decided to hold a “funeral” for their old style.

Lovato posted a picture of them dressed all in black and sitting in a studio posing with both middle fingers up. The singer was joined by manager Scooter Braun and representatives from Island Records.

They captioned the post: “A funeral for my pop music.”


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Lovato shared more about their new musical journey in snippets posted on their Instagram Story.

In one post, a label executive told the 29-year-old singer to “put out whatever music you want” and to “break the rules”, which prompted Lovato to scream in joy.

Lovato also shared two clips of a new rock-inspired track on Instagram.

In one song, Lovato sang about being pushed “to the edge/Prod me, lie to me, ungodly things have been sent/Here are your tickets to the freak show baby, sci-fi, watch the freak go crazy”.

Needless to say, fans are thrilled to see Demi Lovato’s new “emo, pop-punk” era begin.

Lovato hasn’t revealed the name of the new song or when they might be releasing new music, but they have recently switched up their look.

In December, the singer shaved their head as they wanted a ‘fresh start’ to 2022. A short while later, Lovato got a fierce, black spider tattoo on the side of their head.

According to Billboard, Lovato wrote in a post debuting their new ink: “It was Grandmother Spider who taught us many things.

“She taught us about pottery and weaving. She taught us about fire and light and dark.

“She taught us that we are all connected on the web — each one of us having our place in this world.”

InStyle reported that Lovato’s quote originated from the Cherokee story “Grandmother Spider Brings the Light”.

In April, Demi Lovato released their seventh studio album Dancing with the Devil… the Art of Starting Over — their first record in four years. The album contained several songs with an edgy pop sound and featured guest appearances by Ariana Grande, Noah Cyrus and Saweetie.