And Just Like That fans blast ‘tone-deaf’ joke aired on Holocaust Memorial Day

And Just Like That Holocaust joke

And Just Like That… is causing a stir for all the wrong reasons after viewers were left stunned by an antisemitic comment made in an episode that aired on Holocaust Memorial Day.

The Sex and the City reboot series returned for the latest episode on Thursday (27 January) and one scene saw a character reveal that they were a Holocaust denier.

The penultimate episode of the revival series saw Charlotte (Kristin Davis) welcome Anthony (Mario Cantone) and his date Justin for dinner at her home.

When it was revealed that she had Challah bread cooking in the oven, Justin commented: “Is this a Jewish dinner? You know the Holocaust is a hoax, right?”

Charlotte and her husband Harry (Evan Handler) reacted with shocked expressions while Anthony immediately kicked his date out of the home by screaming: “Get out.”

Some viewers felt the scene was a tone-deaf choice due to the fact it was airing on Holocaust Memorial Day, even if the antisemite was dealt with it swiftly.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “Not And Just Like That airing an episode featuring a Holocaust denier on Holocaust Memorial Day!?”

And Just Like That was actually kind of sweet tonight but that Holocaust joke was very very poorly timed,” another wrote.

One fan commented: “NOT the And Just Like That episode premiering on Holocaust Remembrance Day with Anthony’s date saying ‘ You know the holocaust is a hoax, right!’…who approved this?”

“Did the And Just Like That writers know what they were doing having that Anthony date scene air on Holocaust Remembrance Day??? I know Anthony handled it but umm…yikes,” another added.

Many agreed that the timing worked against the scene as one added: “It was only 3 seconds but ‘The Holocaust was a hoax’ was not expected on Holocaust Remembrance Day!!!!”

“The Holocaust moment. I’m speechless. Did they have to include that?,” another tweeted.

One viewer stated: “And Just Like That is bad already, but that offensive Holocaust joke and on Remembrance Day is absolutely unforgivable.”

However, some fans were happy to see Anthony’s zero-tolerance approach in the face of a Holocaust denier as one wrote: “Anthony screaming GET OUT at his Holocaust denier date is going to be the thing that gets me through today.”


“Anthony’s “Get Out!!!!” Should be the response to any and every Holocaust Denier…,” another added.

The first season of And Just Like That… premiered in December 2021 with a mixed response from viewers.

Some labelled its attempts to introduce issues of race as ham-fisted, while others lamented over the fact the fun nature of the series seemed to be missing and struggled to watch the “cringe” sex scenes.

And Just Like That… airs on Thursdays at 9pm on the Sky Comedy channel.