Euphoria’s devastating finale death was meant for another character until last-minute change


Euphoria‘s season two finale left viewers devastated with a brutal death – but things were almost very different. Warning – spoilers.

After Custer turned informant and was brutally killed by Ashtray, Fezco’s house was raided by SWAT agents.

Despite Fezco’s pleas for him to turn himself in, Ashtray quickly barricaded himself in the bathtub armed with guns, and after a shoot-out, was seemingly killed.

However, Javon Walton, who plays the sinister teen, has revealed that the script has initially called for Fezco to die.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight about the devastating scenes, Walton revealed: “It was Fez that was supposed to die. Then about a day before we started filming, I figured out that I was supposed to die.

“It was crazy because then we had to rewrite the whole script for the whole ending part. It was insane that that ended up being the ending of it all.”

The 15-year-old then teased that the story might not quite be over for his character as he added: “It’s not confirmed that Ashtray is dead. He looks like he got shot but he’s one bad kid so he might still be alive out there so you never know.

“You never saw him with that pool of blood or anything so you never know.”

Indeed, viewers only got to see Fez’s face crumple after the shot was fired – so there remains the possibility that the SWAT officers didn’t feel it was best to shoot as a young boy right in the forehead. This is Euphoria, after all.

The final episode of season two saw Custer (Tyler Chase) working with police as he tried to get Fez and Ashtray to admit to the murder of Mouse.

He didn’t get very far in his efforts however as Faye (Chloe Cherry) managed to warn Fezco by motioning him to remain quiet and then stating that she thought Rue’s menacing drug dealer was responsible for the death.

Javon Walton as Ashtray on Euphoria

Javon Walton as Ashtray on Euphoria (HBO)

Sadly, Ashtray didn’t get the memo and rushed to stab Custer in the neck, much to the surprise and horror of Fezco, who was left with no choice but to finish the job and figure out how to cover up his younger brother’s crime.

The police soon busted into Fez’s home and despite Fezco begging Ashtray to let him take the fall for the murder, the stoic, silent child instead locked himself in the toilet with a selection of firearms.

This led to a full-blown shoot out between the police and Ashtray, with Fez shot in the stomach during the crossfire.

In the end, it looks like Fezco will probably survive the injury but time will tell how he copes with the death of his beloved brother, and whether he will go down for the murders of both Mouse and Custer.

Euphoria will return for a third season. You can stream all episodes so far on HBO Max in the US, and Sky and NOW in the UK.