Elliot Page stages surprise Juno reunion at the Oscars and fans can’t cope

Jennifer Garner, Elliot Page, and J.K. Simmons speak onstage during the 94th Annual Academy Awards.

Elliot Page captured the hearts of fans when he reunited with his Juno co-stars Jennifer Garner and JK Simmons at the Oscars.

The actor, looking sharp in a black tuxedo, joined Garner and Simmons to present the award for Best Original Screenplay at the glitzy, glamorous awards ceremony on Sunday night (27 March).

The trio appeared at the awards to mark the film’s 15th anniversary, which gave Elliot Page his first Oscar nomination.

“Fifteen years ago, we all experienced the exhilarating feeling of reading a wholly original screenplay that felt new and exciting,” Jennifer Garner said.

Juno had me hooked from the very first page, it was completely infused with Diablo Cody’s distinctive voice. It was unlike anything I’d ever read before,” Elliot Page added.

JK Simmons said: “There were definitely some phrases in there that I had not read before. A couple that come to mind are ‘your eggo is preggo’ and ‘pork swords’.”

Garner said: “Like the nominees in this next category, it was the kind of script that you just knew had to be brought to life on the big screen.”

Fans were, naturally, obsessed.

Page went on to read out the list of nominees for the Best Original Screenplay Oscar before naming Kenneth Branagh the winner for Belfast.




Juno catapulted Elliot Page to fame 15 years ago

Juno was released in 2007 and quickly launched the careers of Elliot Page and Michael Cera. The coming-of-age film tells the story of a teenage couple dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.

Page played Juno, the teenager at the centre of the film, while Jennifer Garner played Vanessa, a woman who is desperate to adopt Juno’s baby. JK Simmons played Mac, Juno’s father.

The film went on to win the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, while a young Page was nominated in the Best Actress category.

Page came out as trans in December 2020, opening up about the fear he felt of the “invasiveness, the hate, the ‘jokes’ and violence” that trans people so often have to endure.

Writing on social media at the time, Page said: “Hi friends, I want to share with you that I am trans, my pronouns are he/they and my name is Elliot.”

Since then, Page has become a tireless defender of the trans community, using his enormous platform to speak out against anti-trans laws and hatred of LGBT+ people.