Tucker Carlson’s documentary trailer is a bizarre, homoerotic fever dream nobody asked for

Tucker Carlson

The trailer for a new Tucker Carlson documentary titled The End of Men has gone viral for being the bizarre, homeoerotic fever dream that no one asked for.

Tucker Carlson Originals is a “series of long-form documentaries about issues that we think matter to the country”, Carlson has said, and is aired on Fox Nation.

These issues have thus far included UFOs, a defence of Kyle Rittenhouse, “the hidden costs of the green energy agenda”, and protecting cattle with AR-15s.

Now, Carlson is back with a second series, and has promised that it’s even “better”.

The episode in question is supposedly about about falling testosterone levels, which Carlson believes is creating “weak men”, but the bizarre trailer shows topless men doing push-ups, hands squeezing of cow udders, a barbecue, close-to-naked wrestling and naked men “tanning their balls”.

In The End of Men, it seems there was no end to the number of men Carlson wanted to catch partially clothed on camera.

Twitter users described the trailer as “off-the-charts homoerotic”, with one person tweeting: “The gay 70s VHS porno I was watching put itself on pause and gazed at Tucker Carlson’s smoking hot The End of Men trailer in lust-filled amazement and jealousy.”

Writer Mark Harris added: “I am sitting here next to my gay husband living my gay life reading a gay novel as research for my new gay book…and yet I am not and will never be as gay as whatever is haunting Tucker Carlson’s fantasies.”

A clip from the documentary suggests that ball tanning is set to be a major focus of the episode, as Carlson interviews a “bromeopathy” specialist who believes red light therapy targeted at the testicles can raise testosterone levels.

In the clip, Carlson is 100 per cent on board with the idea, saying: “My view is, OK, testosterone levels crash and nobody says anything about it, that’s crazy! Why is it crazy to seek solutions?”

Responding to the ball tanning clip, attorney Walter Shaub said: “This video explains so much about why these people ingested horse dewormer, ate dirt, refused the vaccine and, as their fascist overlord told them to do, took the light into the body.”

The Fox News-funded homoerotica was presumably accidental, if Carlson’s previous comments are anything to go by.

Carlson has made a name for himself by going on bizarre rants about LGBT+ people on Fox News, and last year made headlines after his unearthed college yearbook appeared to show him supporting Harvey Milk’s assassin.

Carlson photo in the 1991 yearbook, from when he was a senior at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, is accompanied by a text listing him as a member of the “Dan White Society” and the “Jesse Helms Foundation”.

Jesse Helms was a viciously anti-LGBT+ former North Carolina senator, and Dan White was the man who assassinated Milk, the very first openly LGBT+ person to hold public office in California.