RuPaul claps back at ‘catty’ trolls and shuts down rumours of feud with Pabllo Vittar

Side by side images of iconic drag queens RuPaul and Pabllo Vittar

RuPaul has clapped back at “catty trolls” for claiming that she has a “rivalry” with Brazilian drag star Pabllo Vittar. 

Vittar made history as the first drag queen to perform at the iconic Coachella music festival in California. She was originally scheduled to perform at Coachella back in 2020 but her performance was pushed back due to COVID-19, Paper Magazine reported. 

Rumours started to circulate on social media that there could be some beef between the two drag icons after Vittar’s dedicated fan base called on RuPaul to acknowledge her history-making moment. 

But Mama Ru squashed the online gossip by categorically denying there is any “rivalry” between her and Vittar in a searing post on Twitter. 

“I love and support Pabllo Vittar and shame on you catty Twitter trolls trying to create a rivalry,” RuPaul wrote.

Shortly afterwards, Vittar retweeted RuPaul’s post and shared her own feelings towards the Drag Race icon.  

“I love you mother!” Vittar said. 

The Brazilian singer and drag artist told Newsweek that she was “excited to do Coachella” after “years of waiting”, but she also took the time to gush about her deep love for RuPaul. 

Pabllo Vittar described RuPaul as an “icon” and said she’s able to perform in drag because “RuPaul opened so many doors”. 

“I love my fans and love all the support,” Vittar said. “But you know, girls, don’t forget who open[ed] the doors for you.”

She also said she was “grateful” to be able to recently open a show for Drag Race star Jujubee and she couldn’t help but think about how Jujubee had “seen RuPaul” in real life. 

Vittar added that performing at Coachella is a “huge, huge thing” and a “dream come true” for her because she is a drag queen, gay and Brazilian. She also briefly described how it was “very, very, very difficult” growing up as a gay person as she was “born in a state in Brazil that is not close to São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro”. 

As she started to perform, Pabllo Vittar has come to “embrace myself more and more” even though some people continued to bully her because she started to do drag. 

“But I have my family, my friends, my crew,” she said. “And you know, I always say that to my fans: Keep your friends, your family around you because these people respect you and support you always.”