Drag Race fans left furious as All Stars 7 queen ‘robbed’ once again: ‘She never misses’

The Drag Race All Stars 7 queens sat watching a lip sync

Drag Race is on to a winner with All Stars 7 – but one queen continues to be overlooked.

After delivering a hat-trick with the Ru-mix, Snatch Game and ball challenges, All Stars 7 continued to build its case for best-ever status in episode four.

After two seasons in which the improv challenge was swapped out for a soul-baring – if not outright exploitative – panel conversation (remember Pink Table Talk?), Drag Race has brought back the stupid with a “Fairytale Justice” comedy challenge.

Once again, there wasn’t a dud among the group. There are queens who were always going to kill at improv – Jinkx, Monet and Trinity all shone – but even the winners whose strongest talents lay outside of comedy did well here – Yvie and, especially, Raja.

Of all the All Stars 7 queens, Raja is the one pulling the most surprises out of the bag right now. We know she can do funny – RuPaul be damned, her Tyra Banks was great – but she’s built an entire brand on being a fashion queen. And while her runway looks are to die for, she’s fast proving just how versatile she is.

She’s a comedian, she’s an actress, she’s a genius with make-up and prosthetics, and her Diana Vreeland still lives rent-free in our minds – “purple mittens!”

As RuPaul put it, in the line of the week: “We’re getting to witness the rebirth of Raja, because all of the people who knew you from back then, they’re dead.”

RuPaul is clearly obsessed with her, the Drag Race judges are clearly obsessed with her – guest Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman singled her out as his favourite of the night – and yet, Raja is yet to receive a legendary legend star.

In fact, after The Vivienne won her first challenge (and, after beating Jinkx in the lip sync, swiftly blocked Monet), Raja and Yvie are the only queens without one. And fans have noticed.

Raja is hungry for a win – when RuPaul tells the safe queens to leave the stage, she calls out: “Are you sure?”

Next week, the queens will write and deliver commencement speeches for RuPaul’s Drag U (a throwback nobody saw coming) – and maybe, just maybe, Raja will get her moment in the sun.

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