Laverne Cox joins in with memes after being mistaken for Beyoncé: ‘Girl, it was me’

Beyoncé and Laverne Cox (R)

Laverne Cox saw the funny side after being mistaken for Beyoncé at the US Open.

The Orange Is The New Black star had been out supporting Serena Williams at the US Open – the tennis icon’s final professional tournament  – when someone tweeted a clip of her wearing a mask in the crowd with the caption: “Beyonce at US Open”.

The excited mix-up got everyone laughing, including Laverne Cox herself.

She took to Instagram, and wrote: “Not me getting mistaken for Beyonce at the US Open tonight then trending on Twitter as the internet cackles over the mistaken identity.”

The post also included a compilation of the best reactions, which Cox called “funny as hell” for everybody’s scrolling amusement. 


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Cox also took to Twitter to clear up the confusion by replying to a tweet asking who it was out of the two by clarifying: “Girl it was me. Lol”

Some of the highlights from the responses include one person tweeting: “Second biggest winner tonight: Laverne Cox who was mistaken for Beyoncé all night. Which is a career highlight for literally anyone.”

Another responded to Cox, saying: “I know you’ve received a lot of accolades, but surely being mistaken for Beyoncé is up there!!”

Some extended their sympathies, adding: “The fact that this is Laverne has me howling bc I really thought it was Beyoncé”

Others participated in some detective work just to make sure, by comparing her outfit in the snapped photo to one from her social media. 


The original Twitter user did own up to their mistake, writing: “My bad…. I wasn’t trying to be funny I promise. I got excited to see Beyoncé and thought it was her, my bad it’s Laverne Cox.”