This Hocus Pocus 2 makeup collection is being released for fans to create iconic Halloween looks

A Hocus Pocus 2 makeup collection is being released and it looks iconic. (Disney/ColourPop Cosmetics/Instagram)

Hocus Pocus 2 makeup collection is being released and it looks spellbinding.

The range from ColourPop Cosmetics is inspired by everyone’s favourite witchy sisters, Winnie, Sarah and Mary Sanderson.

The collection is arriving just in time for Halloween and will be available to shop from 22 September at

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The collaboration will feature a Hocus Pocus-themed eyeshadow palette, So Glossy Lip Glosses, BFF Mascara, Shimmering Body Powder and a Cat Ear hair accessory.

Each of the products has a name inspired by the films, including “Find the Book”, “Candle is Alight”, “Brew Another Batch” and “29 Years”, a reference to the time between the two films.

Fans are obsessed with the collection, with one commenting: “This totally screams Halloween”.

Others said, “the little cat ear clips i’m screaming” and “the colors in the palette are gorgeous”, while a beauty blogger said they, “can’t wait to take new spooky pics!” wearing the products.

The upcoming Hocus Pocus 2 will take place 29 years after the events of the first film, and it follows three high-school students must work together to stop the Sanderson sisters who have returned to present-day Salem.

The sequel’s director recently revealed that filming with Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy was as if they had “not been out of costume for 27 years”.

“They went right back into character,” she told SFX. “When I say character, not just their own individual character, but the way in which they relate to one another, which is very specific, in terms of the familial squabbles in birth order.

“Winnie very much being in charge, alternately annoyed by her sisters, loving her sisters, frustrated with her sisters. And that dynamic between the three of them was always hilarious and apparent immediately.”

The film is being released exclusively on Disney+ on 30 September, while the ColourPop makeup collection will be released on 22 September at

Hocus Pocus 2 director on future of everyone’s favourite witchy sisters

Recently, the director of Hocus Pocus 2 hinted that the Sanderson sisters may return for round three.

In an interview with SFX, Anne Fletcher said that she has “definitely” kept the narrative open for a sequel.

“I have definitely kept it wide open for any sequel,” she said.

“Now it’s really up to them if they want to do it. I can’t say anything other than yes, it is left open. Will they do it? I don’t know, they haven’t even talked about it, that I can be honest with you.”

“There’s always potential,” producer Lynn Harris added. “It’s a movie about magic and witches. Those things are timeless aren’t they? A multiverse of witches!”