Queer influencer Matt Bernstein points out glaringly obvious about JK Rowling and cancel culture

Matt Bernstein and Jessica Alves pose for a photo at the 2022 PinkNews Awards

Jewish queer influencer Matt Bernstein has spoken out on cancel culture – saying the people silenced are queer youth, not powerful people with large platforms.

At the PinkNews Awards 2022, which is supported by joint headline sponsors Lloyds Banking Group and United Airlines, Bernstein was crowned Influencer of the Year. 

In his acceptance speech, he called for people to “fight back” against anti-trans rhetoric and support queer youth.

“I read an article that said JK Rowling is being silenced, then why do I have to hear from her every day,” he said.

“Do you know who’s being silenced – queer kids in rural areas with no LGBTQ+ supportive resources.

“We know that they’re being silenced because we never hear from them. They are silent and that’s what being silenced means.”

Matt Bernstein added that while people may not agree with each other on everything, he said it’s important to stand together to support young LGBTQ+ people.

“Right now, more than ever, I beg you all to focus on what you do agree on because, people on JK Rowling’s side of the fence, they’re doing just that and we need to fight back.”

The award was presented to Bernstein by Brazillian-British TV personality Jessica Alves.

Alves commented on how transitioning is a “duty” and is “not easy, not beautiful, but it’s painful and very time consuming”, but despite her journey, Alves said at 39 she “couldn’t be any happier”. 

Bernstein’s comments follow a small-scale clash between Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and Rowling, over plans to reform trans policy in Scotland, making it easier for trans people to obtain a gender recognition certificate.

Rowling, who runs a charity for children, recently took to Twitter to rage against charity Mermaids.

The Harry Potter author was recently asked by musician Billy Bragg to apologise for making a “blatantly inflammatory accusation” regarding Graham Norton.