Taylor Swift reveals she had ‘nightmare’ Les Misérables audition with Eddie Redmayne

Taylor and a large poster for the West End LEs Mis

Singer, songwriter, pop legend and cat lover, Taylor Swift has revealed she auditioned for the 2012 film adaptation of Les Miserables opposite Eddie Redmayne – but said that it was “a nightmare”.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show on Friday (28 October) alongside Redmayne to promote her new album Midnights, Norton prompted the two to recount the story, asking: “Taylor and Eddie… you have worked together?”

Immediately Taylor said: “I once died in his arms in a screen test for Les Mis.”

The pop star – hesitantly – continued her story, clarifying she had done multiple auditions for two roles for the film, but it was established she “had more of a look of Cosette, but the range, vocally, of Éponine”.

“I was there for a good time, not a long time,” Swift joked.

Upon the invitation for a final screen test with Eddie Redmayne, Taylor Swift jumped at the opportunity, only to find out it was for Éponine and in costume, complete with brown teeth and “near-death” make-up.

And the make-up was applied before meeting Redmayne for the first time.

“This has immediately become a nightmare for me,” she said.

Redmayne, however, had his own memory to add to the experience.

He says that although Swift “walked in as a 19th century street urchin”, his “overwhelming memory” of the audition was that he had eaten garlic dough balls just prior.

“I thought we were going to be singing off each other… it was so weird because Taylor was dressed fully as Éponine, and I was in my tracksuit.

“And they had us on the floor singing sweet nothings to each other, and all I knew was that I just had garlic breath.”

Taylor Swift finished up the tale by admitting: “You were weeping. And I just thought it was because of how I looked.”

“It’s nice to hear that we were both struggling in that moment.”