Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski auditioned for Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video but didn’t get the part

antoni porowski

Before he was cast for Queer Eye, Antoni Porowski has revealed that he was rejected for a role in Taylor Swift’s “Black Space” music video.

Antoni Porowski is known for being Queer Eye‘s food and wine expert, and for his undying love of avocados, but he also dabbles acting.

According to IMDb, he has appeared in the terribly-received porn-themed 2016 film Daddy’s Boy, the 2012 rom-com Elliot Loves, and a single episode of the TV series The Blacklist. 

But unfortunately his acting credentials were not enough to land him a role in Taylor Swift’s “Black Space”.

According to Cheatsheet, in an episode of Queer Eye, Porowski was asked by co-star Karamo Brown: “Is it true that you auditioned to be in her ‘Blank Space’ music video, were you upset that you didn’t land the role?”

Porowski replied “yes” to both questions, although is disagreed when Brown asked: “Do you think that you would’ve done a better job than the man who got it?”

Luckily, the corgi-loving Queer Eye star was given a second chance, with the 2019 release of her LGBT+ anthem “You Need to Calm Down”. 

The Fab Five landed a cameo in the music video, where they are seen having a tea party with Swift, alongside Ellen DeGeneres, Hayley Kiyoko, RuPaul, Dexter Mayfield, Billy Porter, Laverne Cox, Adam Lambert and Todrick Hall.

The music video, set in a rainbow trailer park and featuring anti-LGBT+ protesters holding misspelled placards like “get a brain morans” and “homasekuality is sin”, was released on Donald Trump’s 73rd birthday.

Swift used the video to campaign for the Equality Act. At the very end of the video, a pink screen appeared with the words: “Let’s show our pride by demanding that, on a national level, our laws truly treat all of our citizens equally.”

However, the Equality Act, which would amend the Civil Rights Act to outlaw discrimination against LGBT+ people, has still not been passed.