Les Miserables actor Eddie Redmayne meeting with trans women to prepare for his new role

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British actor Eddie Redmayne has met with and spoken to members of the trans community to prepare for his role in an adaptation of the critically acclaimed novel The Danish Girl.

The movie will be based on David Ebershoff’s 2001 book depicting a true love story between Einar Wegener and his wife, Gerda, and will be directed by Les Miserables director Tom Hooper.

Wegener, a painter from Denmark, was born intersex and became one of the first people to undergo gender reassignment surgery, officially becoming Lili Elbe in 1930.

Redmayne told Eonline.com, “There are many people who have written Ph.D’s on Lili’s story. Even though it is period and under completely different circumstances than today, I’m meeting many women from the trans community and hearing their experiences.”

He added: “I have put on dresses and wigs and makeup. I’m beginning to embark on that and trying to find out who she is.”

Hooper told the Hollywood Reporter: “‘The Danish Girl’ is an extraordinary love story about finding your true self.

“I was so moved by this true story; I have wanted to make the film ever since (reading the book).”

The project has suffered several drawbacks during its adaptation, with Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Gywneth Paltrow and Rachel Weisz all considered for the lead role previously.